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    We now have worked 40 years in the business, mostly with Dealer Franchises. We know how appealing the chrome and glass showroom is, but we forsake it for Old School thoroughness and values. We sell used cars, not new, and we work to a standard, never a price. That standard is modelled on the best practice we have experienced, from Volvo, Kia and the VW / Audi group. Your safety depends on how thoroughly we prepare each car. We take that very seriously.

    There is a big clue in the website: girlscars. Tired of being dismissed by sales people hungry for commission? Or being brushed off with second best because you might not know as much as you need to when buying a car? We might well be your answer. We have the time and the patience to help you buy the right car. We have the time to talk you through everything you should know before you drive away, all the controls obviously, but where the spare is, how to operate a jack, and you will be prepared even if you never have to use them. We can explain the importance of checking oil, water and washer bottle levels, the vital job of checking tyres and how to keep your wiper blades clean. This takes only minutes each week and can be so important.

    Example: I taught my daughter to carry out basic checks including changing a wheel before letting her loose on the highway. Some years later she was returing to university from a gig at some ghastly hour (prefectly normal for a student) with 3 boys (not in her car) and they suffered a puncture. None of the boys had a clue so she did the whole job herself. Yes!!!

    We promise always to be diligent with our cars and honest with our customers.

    We will always buy the best cars we can, never the cheapest. We will always prepare them to a high standard, again not cheaply. Our internal invoices showing preparation work are available to view and take away as part of the vehicle history.

    Within the confines of our size and our product we aim to be as good as you will find.

    Every car will have 2 keys, no promises of 'second key coming'. Every car will have a full, or substantial service history (rarely, and we mean rarely, we will make an exception for something individual or a classic that is hard to find).

    We are an RAC Dealer. Every car is prepared to published standards, a copy of our workshop invoice and checksheet is presented with the paperwork on every car. Also included is 12 months RAC breakdown membership and RAC Car Passport, which examines for theft, total loss, colour / number plate change, finance and mileage discrepancies. This removes the chance of a nasty surprise. The last, and vital part of the RAC Standard, is an RAC Warranty, usually for 6 months and it can be extended. We are very proud of our RAC status, not easy to maintain but with great benefits to the customer. Please note that on some cars, usually priced at below £3000 we have a more effective warranty from our other provider. Such cars will be clearly marked.

    One important point to make at this stage: please telephone or email us to make appointments to view, we will not clock-watch but we may need to explain how to find us, some of our cars are in a compound 20 minutes away, and we need to be here to see you! We can be contacted from 9 am until 6 pm every day, but if you miss us for some reason email ([email protected]) or text us (07836 342937) us at any time and we will respond as soon as we can. Surfing on Sunday? Our telephone is open now between 6pm and 8pm just on Sundays, feel invited to call.

    Looking for something we do not have? A significant proportion of our sales are to customers who ask us to source the right car, please call us to discuss.

    Gentlemen, chaps, geezers: please do not be put off by the name, we are happy to sell to you too. You do not even have to wear a frock. Unless, of course....

    And finally, thank you for visiting us, please feel welcome to contact us for a chat or an opinion, drive safely.

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